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Dividing the Flock

“Each tree,” Luke will soon explain, “is known by its own fruit.” (Luke 6:44) When Gabriel speaks the command of God, a prophet is born of Elizabeth to “turn many of t...

Sleight of Hand

This week, Fr. Paul notes a clever “sleight of hand” employed by the author in the use of Moses’ staff in Exodus 9:23. (Episode 249)

Anti-History, Anti-Romulus

When a character from Roman history appears in Luke, the worst thing any of us could ever do is go back to accounts of Roman history to try to piece together a timelin...

The Ten Plagues

This week, Fr. Paul notes the significance of the term blood in the symbolism of the ten plagues in the story of Exodus. (Episode 248)

Grudge Match

At the beginning of Luke 2, the author sets up an artificial parallel between the Lukan “things accomplished among us” and Caesar’s “decree that a census be taken.” In...

Let My People Go

This week, Fr. Paul explains that the turning of the Nile into blood in Exodus is figurative, denoting destruction. (Episode 247)

Which Spirit?

When biblical interpreters decide on capitalization when translating Greek or Hebrew to a modern language, they impose two layers of subjectivity. First, they impose t...

Listen, Don’t Read

This week, Fr. Paul observes that the best audience for the book of Exodus is made up of children, because they appreciate and are able to follow a good story. (Episod...

Tender Mercies

What do you get when you combine a cloud service provider outage, one co-host recovering from illness, and the other recording from a parked car somewhere with only t...

Speak My Word

This week, Fr. Paul explains the irresistibility of the Scriptural God, who executes his will despite the stand of Pharaoh, unlike the other gods, who disappear with t...

Amnesty and Accountability

In the Gospel of Luke, the news of the forgiveness of sins is the knowledge that John the Baptist was born and commissioned to share with absolute urgency. It is the d...

God From God

This week, Fr. Paul reminds us, once again, that unless you hear the original consonantal text, you are hearing not Scripture but your own narrative. (Episode 244)

Be Neighborly

Throughout the story of Scripture, it is the Lord who delivers his people from their enemies. This deliverance is not about victory in the conventional sense, where on...

God Speaks Biblical Hebrew

This week Fr. Paul explains that even if God understands your language he will only answer you in the Biblical Hebrew he wrote. (Episode 243)

The Command of God

This week Fr. Paul explains that the command of God in Genesis is interconnected with his command to Moses in Exodus and, ultimately, his command in the letter to the ...

Romulus Was a Thug and a Criminal

In tribal experience, as in American mythology, life originates with the forefather. How often on this program have we mentioned the blasphemous depiction of George Wa...

You Should Not Enjoy Scripture

This week, Fr. Paul explains that you should not enjoy scripture but rather hear it and obey. (Episode 241)

Quiet, Zacharias is Speaking

Self-styled students of the Bible often impose personal arguments on their study of the text. In some cases, this problem is obvious, for example, when religious think...

Dabar, Voice, Staff

This week, Fr. Paul relies on grammatical functionality to explain how the shepherd leads his flock in Scripture with the biblical dabar. (Episode 240)

It Was Zacharias

Zacharias was silenced for speaking his own words. Words that build defend and secure the things that serve Herod’s agenda: a thriving community centered by a bountifu...

The Wilderness

This week, Fr. Paul reminds us that the wilderness in Scripture is like a visit from God, it can be good news, or it can be bad news. (Episode 239)

Fierce Loyalty

Institutional thinking has no comprehension of personal loyalty. Fierce loyalty. The kind you don’t get to choose. The kind you are born under. Like someone in Luke bo...

The Domain of God

This week, Fr. Paul explains the technical link between the blood of birth-giving and the blood of circumcision in the story of the Bible. (Episode (238)

Just Burp, Again

Regurgitate. To throw up or vomit; to eject what has previously been swallowed. To repeat verbatim. ([https://www.synonyms.com/synonym/Regurgitate]) Unless you happen ...

Immerse Yourself

This week, Fr. Paul explains that zera’ is the same, whether it’s a plant, or a tree, or a fish, or an animal, or a human being. (Episode 237)

Neighbors and Relatives

When Americans think of a “neighborhood,” the first thing that comes to mind is “value.” What type of homes are in the area? What size? How old? What amenities? What f...


This week Fr. Paul explains that Midian is practically the Arabian desert, highlighting the importance of shepherdism as the setting for the biblical storyline. (Episo...

Don’t Be Lame

When Mary proclaims the Lord’s help toward his servant Israel, it’s easy to reduce her prayer to yet another platitude about mercy from our perspective, elevating Isra...

Just Burp

This week, Fr. Paul continues his discussion of Exodus, stressing the importance of submitting to and not circumscribing the biblical text. (Episode 235)

It’s Just News

The difficult teaching of Ecclesiastes warns us that all people share the same fate. This wisdom is pervasive in Scripture, from the violent imagery found in Deuterono...

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