Imagine a monster whose primary interest is to embrace philosophy and then power—Roman power, Greco-Roman power, and Greek philosophy, in other words, human power.


You know what he loved. 

The ugliest, most vile, sinister, and self-serving sin, zealously and passionately preached by everyone I know.

The worship of state, ethnicity, family, religion, but especially philosophy—for example, your blood-soaked liberal values—embedded in your “Greekdom.”

Profoundly and inexorably disgusting. 

Likewise, the human clan, the family, the irredeemable evil character that the gospel itself presents as the arch-enemy of Jesus Christ. 

Peter: Equally revolting and unworthy of God.

Origen, who learned Hebrew, not to teach Scripture but to increase his importance in order to undermine the Rabbis.

Alexandria: Self-involved academics and money-grubbing politicians. A marriage made in Hell. Don’t believe me? Ask your kids. 

“All you need,” Fr. Paul thunders, “is to read Galatians 2 fifteen times in a row.”

As if.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. 

(Episode 323)

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